Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednsday Warp-in and Daily Deals

G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333

Was 79.99 
Now 59.99
Free Shipping
Wednesday warp in

Im planning to add a bunch of new content to the wednsday warp in the near future, so sit tight, for now im going to keep it to what it is but get ready because the future holds some awesome stuff. =)

Replay of the week

This is truely and epic game that needs to be watched! yes it is long but it is worth it!
Casted by Husky

Custom Map of the week
Sqaudren Tower Defense
This game is currently featured on the front page of the custom maps, and it is pretty amazing. it is essentially a tower defense, pick a builder, gain income, send units, dont let your base die. here is a video review. 



  1. Nice RAM! :D Right now in my rig im running 4gb of ocz platinum 2000! Great product. +followed.

  2. thats a good discount!

    i admit i cheated and skipped a bit on the first vid but holy crap!

  3. Damn nice. Stupid guy at fry's gace me only 32 bit Windows 7 so I can't even use all of my ram :( that really lowered my trust in frys :P

  4. That's . . . a really good deal. I would definitely jump on that if I needed it and had the cash.

  5. Nice deal on DDR3 RAM and nice game play on sc2!

  6. hmm
    wanna play that
    ill try

  7. Most badass name for ram, ever.

  8. Think i might have to pick up that DDR3, need an upgrade

  9. If I ever felt I needed so much RAM, that's a good deal!

  10. For $59, the only thing i can buy here in my couuntry is a 4gb DDR3 1066, generic brand.


  11. Oh I've play on that map, it's pretty sweet

  12. Great price, and then you throw in free shipping and its just an amazing deal.