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World of Warcraft

Before i get this post started i would like to say thanks for the support of everyone! i hit over 100 followers last night, and i couldnt be more excited. as my follower base continues to grow i plan to offer better prizes in Phat loot Friday so promote me however you can =).
Serious Blue Posts

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Ask the Devs #9: Tanking
Poll: What’s Your Level of Secondary Profession Expertise?
Memories of Blizzard Video Contest -- Vote Now!
Arena Pass: Ranked Ladder Begins
Patch 4.2 PTR Notes (Updated June 13)

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If you're a new player looking for advice on how to get the most out of archaeology, cooking, first aid, and fishing, be sure to read through our latest "New Player Tips" blog.
New Player Tips: Second to None

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[GUIDE] Subtlety Rogue (PVP)
Rogue: Macro Compilation
Cloak & Dagger Compendium


Music and Machinima
Featured this week in the world of music and machinima are three original World of Warcraft-inspired melodies created by the lovely RavenSylphe, a stunning video introduction to MasterVertex's new character, Mistrose, and a look at Cataclysm’s environment graphics through the eyes of Wowcrendor.
(Be sure to check out RavenSylphe’s other compositions: Sands of Creation and Into the Deep!)

Eternal Rose

Are WoW Cataclysm Graphics Good?

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Fan Art
New Warcraft Fan Art (updated 06/09)
Tauren Deathknight -- by Shiramune
Calith - Cataclysm Raider -- by Zeon-in-a-tree
Day of the Dragonqueen -- by PepperWolf
Nap of the Wild -- by Viking-Heart
Death Knight Elysis -- by KimiSz
Warcraft: My Heart Sleeps -- by fenikkusu
RwlRwlRwlRwl (Murloc Plushie) -- ALEXisDESIGNs

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Facepalm Blue Posts

This section is dedicated to posts blues have made or responded to that make me want to facepalm.

"Hello, I make this thread in hopes to get some replies of people who are having a similar issue.

Whats been happening lately is so GM's from Blizzard with names like ([Game Master] Blízzard) they keep whiserping me saying problems with my account... and this one GM said that my account was in compromised and I need to viisit this website to asure it's safety... so I did this right cos I've played WoW for like 3-4 years now and I really really don't wanna lose the work I put into this character and others.

So I go on this website and enter my details, and I whisperd the GM saying thanks.... and I felt pretty glad that my acciunt was secure again, but yet I still get more whisperes from GM's

they keep whispering me offering me free game-time if I visit this website and they have similar names like Blizzardy or Billzárd or something... point is they whisper me again saying my account is in compromised and it's very annoying.

I've entered my details twice now to get them to stop and they still whisper me every few days..

Is this some new service that Blizzard are trying to provide cos I'm finding it VERY annoying... also is their a way to stop it?"

"How do I know if a GM is talking to me?
http://eu.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_GB&articleId=34970 "


The last Azeroth daily for a while and i dont blame him for quiting. There are a lot of changes i dont agree with either.

4.2 News

Classes: General
General Class Bug Fixes
  • Players should no longer incorrectly receive a message stating they interrupted a spell cast when they did not.
  • Actions bars will no longer briefly disappear when characters that have a stance bar enter a vehicle.

Conquest & Honor Points
  • All existing Conquest Points in the Currency tab have been converted to Honor Points. Any points above the Honor Point cap must be spent within the next week before Season 10 starts. Once Season 10 begins, all Honor Points exceeding the 4,000 point cap will be converted into gold at a rate of 35 silver per point and mailed to characters.

Dungeon & Raids
The Bastion of Twilight
  • Bound Deluge's Frost Whirl ability now deals 50% less damage.
  • Arion
    • Chain Lightning damage and chain distance has been reduced.

Dungeon & Raid Bug Fixes
  • Bosses are now immune to the shrinking effect from Gnomish Shrink Ray.
  • The achievement Aberrant Behavior should no longer incorrectly reset its kill tracking during the Maloriak encounter in Blackwing Descent.
  • Anshal's Soothing Breeze should no longer cause combat pets to behave erratically in Throne of the Four Winds.
  • Raid Marker icons are now visible in all phases of boss encounters.

  • Applicable tier 11 items now cost Justice Points.

PvP Items & Rewards
  • Applicable Season 9 items now cost Honor Points.

Quests & Creatures
  • Creatures will now display smooth energy regeneration for players.

User Interface
  • The Interface Options screens have changed size to match the Video and Audio screens. This allows for a larger Compact Unit Frames Profiles panel.

  • The Blizzard Launcher now utilizes Universal Plug and Play for port configuration. If your router supports UPnP it will automatically open the ports that it requires and your downloads will be unrestricted.

Boss kill videos


  1. I'm not into WoW, but that facepalm post was pretty damn funny. Liked the comics, too.

  2. Lol surely the guy asking why GM's were whispering him musta been a troll. WoW64 would be SICK! I kinda miss playing WoW...ARGH should I start again -.-

  3. nice. wow is such a huge time sink though.

  4. I cant play WoW in my notebook :|

  5. I would play wow64 seems like a good time!

  6. Sounds like a pretty serious update, looking forward to it

  7. Gratz on 100. I love this post.

  8. No I repeat No you will not get me to play WoW

  9. i dont play wow but i found the facepalm section and the comics funny!

  10. Wow was one of my favorite games ever. I really miss it, but I promised myself I'd never play again.

  11. Is it bad that I would actually love to play a WoW 64 game? lol

  12. Awesome post. Cogratulations for the achievement!


  13. A great and lengthy post. :D

  14. I'm not too fond of Wow, but nice post, so very very detailed XD Love that thread about the person so blatantly getting scammed, and ill be sure to spread the word so everyone has a chance to win better prizes!

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  16. The world of warcraft 64 comic was hilarious >_<

  17. Yeah he dosnt agree with the raid nerfs

  18. Congratulations, very cool site. You have one more follower now.

  19. That's one badass post =3

    I used to play wow so I loved reading it, keep up the hard work!

  20. Looking forward to what 4.2 has in store.

  21. I still have never played warcraft. I used to play on a counter strike server that had a warcraft mod though. That was the closest I've ever come.

  22. Oh man don't get me back into that.